Soil is being diminished by industry standard farming practices

The problem faced by today’s growers

The quality of the soil, a farmer’s most valuable asset, is being diminished by industry standard practices across over one third of US farms.

This is being caused by:

Unnecessary tillage
Inefficient application of nutrients
Continual reliance on pesticides

Emerging practices in regenerative agriculture are rapidly transforming the ways growers are managing their soil.

Managing less productive soils is very difficult. The simple changes in regenerative agriculture can take these unproductive or diminished soils and return them to productive, high yielding, healthy soils which are easier to manage.

The goal of restoring the productivity of agricultural land is all about returning fields to healthy microbial-rich soils, with better yield and more profitable and sustainable systems.

There are more soil microbes in a tablespoon of soil than there are people on the Earth. These soil microbes are amazing creatures which improve soil structure and aggregation, build soil carbon, and increase nutrient retention. As plants release root exudate they signal microbial populations in the soil to increase nutrient availability, nitrogen fixation, and plant growth promoters. When the soil is healthy there is a natural increase in the plant’s ability to fight off pathogens and pests. As microbial populations increase and drive these processes, the speed at which soil regenerates increases.