ST Biologicals’ line of biological and organic products

Tools to assist you in your transition

ST Biologicals has a line of biological and organic products each of which can play an important role in the transition to superior soil management. The products are available for immediate shipment.


A bactericide/fungicide (non-organic)

  • Proprietary delivery system using low doses of copper.
  • “Outside In protection”. Copper moves throughout the vascular tissue of the plant.
  • Copper attaches to plant pathogens destroying the disease.
  • Less copper applied than “fixed” copper products.
  • Minimize environmental impact.
  • Excellent tool for resistance management.

Copper based plant growth nutrient (non-organic)

  • Proprietary delivery system that helps transport Cu throughout the vascular tissue of the plant.
  • Chelated copper transport Cu across leaf cuticle layer.
  • Cu is essential for many plants.
  • Cu is a catalyst for photosynthesis and plant respiration.
  • Cu affects flavor, storageability, and sugar content of fruit.

Certified Organic broad spectrum biological fungicide.

  • Controls and suppresses soil borne and foliar plant pathogens.
  • Aviv contains Bacillus subtilis IAB/BS03, a rhizosphere soil bacterium.
  • Stimulates plants natural defenses and growth responses.
  • Functions better when applied prior to disease infection.
  • Multiple modes of action.
  • Triggers SAR response in plants.
  • Certified Organic innovative formulation that affords control of pathogens at low doses.
  • Effective against fungal pathogens including powdery mildew, rust, and other foliar diseases.
  • Also active against mites.
  • Active ingredient disrupts cell membranes and inhibits growth and attachment of fungal spores.

Certified Organic Neem oil introduced to the U.S. by Terramera.

  • Most advanced and innovative Neem Oil formulation proprietary to TerraNeem.
  • Novel formulation uses molecular technology.
  • Faster absorption and improved efficacy over other Neem formulations.
  • Allows for greater application flexibility.
Employ and ProAct
Employ and ProAct
  • Employ is formulated for fruits and vegetables while ProAct is formulated for grains and row crops.
  • Signals a plant’s own defenses to control nematodes and diseases.
  • Promotes plant health and plant growth.
  • Treated plants develop a plant wide systemic response to protect the root system and foliar growth.
Myconate HB
Myconate HB
  • Dry powdered seed treatment (non organic) that promotes the growth of vascular-arbuscular mycorrhizae (VAM) on plant roots.
  • VAM fungi form a symbiotic relationship with the roots enhancing the uptake of nutrients and water and promoting the growth of the plants.

A non organic soil adjuvant that releases calcium from the soil matrix.

  • Works with the soil microbes to free up soil calcium.
  • Calcium improves soil structure through flocculation improving water holding capacity and flushing of salts.
  • Ideal for use on high bicarbonate irrigation waters.
Nano Fertilizer from AquaYield
  • Patented delivery system that uses Nano Shield Technology to shield nutrients from reactive molecules and impurities.
  • Increases absorption of nutrients through the leaf and root system.
  • Most efficient nutrient delivery system.

Products are available for immediate shipment.