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Expert mentoring and products to restore the health of your soil and grow your farming business

We take the guesswork out of regenerative farming.

Through one-on-one mentoring, products, and resources, our mission is to help producers like you transition to regenerative farming—without wasting time and money on trial and error.


Whether you grow corn and soybeans, run a dairy farm, or grow organic produce, you’ll be on your way to higher yielding, higher quality crops that are naturally resistant to disease, pests, and extreme weather. Your input costs will drop, and you’ll see higher economic returns.

The sooner you start, the sooner you'll reap the rewards of regenerative agriculture and improved soil health.

Though it can take up to three to five years for full benefits, most producers we work with see results within the first year. When your soil is healthy, a naturally sustainable—indeed regenerative—system results that’s good for your profits, your health, and the planet.

Without their advice and expertise, we probably wouldn’t have the chance to still be farming today.​

S.T. Biologicals walked with us along every step of the process, guaranteeing success. Without their advice and expertise, especially given the current volatile state of the farm economy, we probably wouldn’t have the chance to still be farming today.  I would highly recommend STB. They truly have your farm’s best interest at heart.

Matt Willenbring
Producer, Cold Spring, MN
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The soil tells the story

The photos below were taken on the same day in early May in adjacent fields. These samples were a matter of feet apart. The “before” picture is in a field that hasn’t been farmed regeneratively and the “after” in one that has been for five years.


In the first photo, you’ll see the roots were so hard and lifeless, we had to use a knife to cut them, whereas the roots in the regenerative soil were pliable, healthy, and easy to break apart.


Challenged soil is hard, compacted, and has reduced drainage. It has little to no smell, and you won't see much microbial life.


Carbon-rich soil after five years of regenerative farming. It's aromatic, well-aggregated, crawling with microbial life, and richly dark in color.

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