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Our mentors have worked with growers in their fields, presented best practices to groups in industry meetings and seminars, and supervised research programs evaluating some of the most recent products with roles in regenerative agriculture.

There are a number of companies in addition to ST Biologicals dedicated to providing products that will help restore soil health. We represent the ones we’ve determined to offer the best solutions. Our mentors are compensated by ST Biologicals and the companies we represent. If you buy the products we represent, there is NO CHARGE for our mentoring services.

Tom Vander Heiden

President & Certified Crop Advisor

Talking farm and soil nutrition to open-minded farmers who want to improve their soil and their profits is what Tom does. It’s also why he joined the team at ST Biologicals, who were building a company with quality products that increase soil and plant health. At ST Biologicals, Tom works with suppliers and producers to increase his knowledge of the principles of soil health.

Tom has worked in the ag industry for more than four decades. Growing up in Kaukauna, Wisconsin, on a 60-cow dairy farm with chickens and hogs, he often argued with his father about having to mix the different livestock manures before spreading it on the fields in the spring. Only later did he realize how smart his dad was about fertilization and feeding the microbial population in the soil.

Tom majored in dairy with an emphasis on nutrition at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. Under the mentorship of Dr. Lee Witwer, he learned the Albrecht method and the importance of quality feeds, their production, and their relationship with the soil. Tom has split his career between dairy nutrition and agronomy. While consulting in the western United States, Tom realized how important soil health was to plant health and crop production. Now, he gives presentations on soil health and regenerative agriculture to groups of farmers across the country. Tom lives in South Central MN with his wife Beth.

David Meidl

Livestock & Crop Advisor

Because he knows complacency keeps farm profits down, Dave challenges farmers to up their game. He helps farmers with the four main things every farmer needs to know (the 4Rs): use the Right product, at the Right time, in the Right amount, at the Right placement.

Dave has been in agriculture for decades. He grew up on a livestock and crop farm and started pulling soil samples for the local co-op when he was 16 and created a cow-calf herd through 4-H and the FFA, earning Regional Star Farmer. Dave received his degree from UW-Waseca in Diversified Agriculture, a subject he already had experience with in the field and paddock knowledge from the farm. In 2008, he became interested in farming inputs that improved soil health. That started his interest in regenerative farming.

Dave’s on-the-ground experience empowers him to make both agronomic and nutrition recommendations for soil health and livestock production that have increased yields and production for farmers, resulting in improved ROIs. He helps farmers succeed by showing how to integrate livestock into their operation and advising which soil and plant correctives are needed to provide solutions to production issues. Dave is a forward-thinking livestock and crop advisor who can advise you on the specifics of forage production, rotational grazing, and cover crops for your situation, as well as looking at the bigger picture of your entire farm ecosystem. Dave lives in Central Minnesota with his wife Nora.

Travis Mathison

Livestock & Certified Crop Advisor ​

Travis has a passion for helping farmers uncover what is holding their productivity back and works with them to create a plan that fine-tunes their operations for increased profitability and success. Travis partners with conventional, biological, and organic farming operations. He sees how using new and/or different methods and technology can affect soil health and improve the quality of crops being grown. Using an integrated system ensures that highly nutritious feed is available to promote healthier animals, and ultimately impacts the food that hits our dinner tables.

Raised on a 50 cow dairy farm in west central Wisconsin, Travis understands the importance of growing quality crops for feeding the cattle. He saw how improving soil health affects the forages and grains, therefore milk and meat production. Travis studied both agronomy and dairy nutrition at UW-River Falls, thus allowing him to integrate these components in the recommendations he provides. Travis has maintained his certification as a crop advisor since 2000.

Through the years, Travis has worked in a variety of consulting roles and always focuses on the needs of the farm. He considers the whole of the farm, walks through any deficiencies or excesses that are found through sample analysis, and formulates a plan that fits the budget and immediate needs of the operation. Regardless of sales, he wants each producer (whether grain or cattle) to improve their soil and animal health, ensuring longevity and profitability for the farm. Travis lives in South East WI with his wife Angie.

Harrison Hobart

Crop & Livestock Advisor

As an agronomy and livestock advisor, Harrison has always taken a consultative approach to the role. When working with a new operation, he takes the time to understand the current program, limiting factors and goals. With a systems approach, Harrison will put together a tailored program to meet and exceed these goals. Harrison works with farmers in and around Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana.

Prior to joining the ST Biologicals team, Harrison worked for several years as an agronomy consultant in Ohio, working with a wide range of operations, both organic and conventional, dairy and cash crop. He has also worked as a forage-focused dairy consultant, providing on-farm support to customers across the Eastern United States. Harrison graduated from Morehead State University in 2015 with degrees in agronomy and ag business.

Harrison’s interest in agriculture started when he was a young boy growing up around his uncle’s dairy farm. He has always had a soft spot for dairy cows and knew that a career in agriculture was what he always wanted to pursue. When he’s not poking around in fields and barns, Harrison plays the banjo and hikes and camps around his home in Central Ohio.

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